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Hamburger... The Motion Picture

Release date 1986
Released34 years (approx) ago

About Hamburger... The Motion Picture

Hamburger: The Motion Picture is a 1986 teen sex comedy film directed by Mike Marvin and starring Leigh McCloskey. The film was largely inspired by fast food jobs and the Hamburger University program of the McDonald's Corporation. In the film, main character Russell Proco (played by McCloskey) has been expelled from multiple schools because of his crude behavior, namely his Lothario ways in having women throw themselves at him (even when he is in no mood). He was left a large trust fund, but his grandfather's will stipulated that it is frozen unless he earns a college diploma. While trying to mull over his problem at a local Busterburger (while having to say no to the overly friendly attractive cashier) owned by a friend of his, who said he had a similar problem and that he earned the equivalent of a college diploma after finishing Buster Burger University. Proco agrees that may be his way to get the trust fund unfrozen. After signing up, Proco runs afoul of Drootin (Dick Butkus) a vicious teacher whose job is to ensure that unfit franchise owners get bilged out. Drootin imposes three rules on all the candidates: (i) Outside consumption of food is prohibited. (ii) All candidates are to stay on the grounds of Buster Burger University until graduation. (iii) Since sex and success make lousy partners, all candidates are not to engage in sex while students. Russell tries to focus on work and to steer clear of his zany classmates, among them a fellow horndog who lusts after the CEO's trophy wife, a nun, an obese man who shocks himself to avoid overeating, a sex-crazed female guerrilla from Central America, as well as a black funk singer who had a scrape with the law and is being forced into Busterburger in order to improve minority imaging. However, Proco finds himself attracted to another teacher, Mia Vunk (Debra Blee), who is the CEO's daughter and is dating Drootin. When Drootin learns of a rival suitor, he makes it a priority to drum out Proco. After being caught off campus, Drootin punishes Proco by having special sauce dumped on him while being made to listen repeatedly to the company's jingle. The film is perhaps best known for Charles Tyner's character, Lyman Vunk, the founder and CEO of Buster Burger, who utters the phrase, "Put those cookies back, motherfucker," and for his voluptuous wife (Randi Brooks). Proco manages to pass the first part of the final test, an oral exam conducted by Lyman Vunk and the teachers, and must now pass the second part, whereupon all the candidates will be made to run a Busterburger for one day. Drootin makes sure Proco and everyone fails by first getting an "eating club" of obese people to the Busterburger, who will probably exhaust all the food reserves. Proco uses explosive means to get rid of them, then Drootin hijacks the drive thru intercom to insult a black motorcycle policeman's race and profession, who drives off enraged as he was simply trying to grab lunch at Busterburger. A biker girl makes a pass at Proco, who rebuffs it but is misconstrued by her boyfriend, who gets his gang to smash up the restaurant. A bunch of black cops arrive, not to arrest the bikers but also to join in due to Drootin's earlier instigation. To top it off, Drootin attempts a cornfield meet with a poultry truck, who swerves into the ruined Busterburger to avoid a car crash. The students are disheartened that they will bilge out, but Proco gives a pep talk that there is no way they cannot handle being franchise owners after these mishaps, himself now having come to accept the responsibility. Lyman Vunk appears, but is oblivious to the carnage, instead noticing one of the burnt chickens is ideal for his proposed new line of chicken sandwiches. Drootin gets demoted to picking up litter when he accidentally smears food on Vunk's suit, and Proco starts a relationship with Mia. The film ends with Proco and his fellow students graduating Buster Burger University, where the funk singer ends the closing ceremony with his version of the company theme song.