Horrible Bosses 2: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 2014 film by Sean Anders Horrible Bosses 2 are living and who are dead?

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Horrible Bosses 2

2014 film by Sean Anders

Horrible Bosses 2

Released 2014 (8 years, 9 months ago)

Director Sean Anders
Duration 104 minutes
Genre comedy film
Composer Christopher Lennertz
Production company Warner Bros.
Country of origin United States of America
Screenwriter John Francis Daley
Producer Chris Bender

About Horrible Bosses 2

Horrible Bosses 2, the sequel to the 2011 hit comedy, brings back the trio of Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, and Jason Sudeikis as they embark on a new harebrained scheme to become their own bosses. The film also features returning cast members Jennifer Aniston, Kevin Spacey, and Jamie Foxx, as well as newcomers Chris Pine and Christoph Waltz.

While the film has its share of laughs, it falls short of the original's cleverness and wit. The plot feels forced and the jokes often fall flat. However, the chemistry between the three leads remains strong and the supporting cast delivers solid performances.

Director Sean Anders, who took over from Seth Gordon, brings a more frenetic energy to the film, but it ultimately feels like a pale imitation of the first installment. The film's attempts at social commentary on corporate greed and the American Dream feel half-hearted and underdeveloped.

Overall, Horrible Bosses 2 is a passable comedy that will provide some laughs, but ultimately fails to live up to its predecessor. Fans of the first film may enjoy seeing the characters back in action, but newcomers may be left underwhelmed.


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