Jesus Henry Christ: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of American 2012 comedy film Jesus Henry Christ have died?

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American 2012 comedy film

Jesus Henry Christ

Release date 20 Apr 2012
Released9 years, 7 months ago

About Jesus Henry Christ

Jesus Henry Christ is an American 2012 comedy film based on Dennis Lee's Academy Award-winning student short film of the same name. It was released on April 20, 2012. The film was directed by Lee, who also penned screenplay. The film was produced by Joseph Boccia, Sukee Chew, Lisa Roberts Gillan, Deepak Nayar, Julia Roberts, Philip Rose, and Katie Wells. The film stars Jason Spevack, Toni Collette, Michael Sheen, Samantha Weinstein, Frank Moore, Mark Caven, and Paul Braunstein.