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Which cast and crew of 2013 Tamil film. Kadal are living and who are dead?

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2013 Tamil film.


Released 2013 (9 years, 9 months ago)

Director Mani Ratnam
Genre drama film
Composer A. R. Rahman
Production company Madras Talkies
Country of origin India
Screenwriter Mani Ratnam and Jeyamohan
Producer Suhasini Maniratnam

About Kadal

Kadal, the 2013 Tamil-language film directed by Mani Ratnam, is a visually stunning and emotionally charged tale of love, faith, and redemption. Set in a fishing village on the coast of Tamil Nadu, the film follows the intertwined lives of two young people, Thomas and Beatrice, as they navigate the complexities of their relationships with each other and with their families.

Ratnam's direction is masterful, capturing the beauty and brutality of life in the fishing village with equal skill. The film's cinematography, by Rajiv Menon, is breathtaking, capturing the shimmering sea and rugged coastline in all their glory. The music, composed by A. R. Rahman, is haunting and evocative, adding depth and emotion to the film's already powerful story.

At its heart, Kadal is a story about the power of love and the importance of faith. Thomas and Beatrice are both searching for something greater than themselves, and their journey towards understanding and acceptance is both moving and inspiring. The film's themes of forgiveness, redemption, and the search for meaning resonate deeply with audiences of all backgrounds.

Overall, Kadal is a must-see film for anyone interested in Indian cinema or simply looking for a powerful and moving story. With its stunning visuals, powerful performances, and unforgettable music, it is a true masterpiece of modern cinema.


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Cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


34 years, 19 days


34 years, 19 days

Born first

12 September 1989

Born last

12 September 1989

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