Les Amants de minuit: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1953 film by Roger Richebé Les Amants de minuit have died?

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1953 film by Roger Richebé

Les Amants de minuit

Release date 1953
Released65 years (approx) ago
Les Amants de minuit
Les Amants de minuit
French Actor Jean Marais in Orphée. Photograph by Carl Van Vechten, 14 October 1949. From the Carl Van Vechten Collection at the Library of Congress More Carl Van Vechten photography | More portraits of actors [PD] This picture is in the public domain

About Les Amants de minuit

The Lovers of Midnight (French: Les Amants de minuit) is a 1953 French drama film directed by Roger Richebé and starring Dany Robin, Jean Marais and Louis Seigner. In United Kingdom the film was known under the title "De älskande vid midnatt" (Sweden), "Keskiyön rakastavaiset" (Finland), "The Lovers of Midnight" (English). The film's sets were designed by Robert Dumesnil.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Les Amants de minuit: