Madman: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of Madman have died?

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Release date 1982
Released36 years (approx) ago

About Madman

Madman is a 1982 slasher film written and directed by Joe Giannone. and starring Gaylen Ross, Paul Ehlers, Tony Fish, Harriet Bass, Seth Jones, Jan Claire, Alexander Murphy, Jr., Jimmy Steele, and Carl Fredericks. The film was also produced by Gary Sales, composed by Stephen Horelick, and distributed by Jensen Farley Pictures. The story focuses on an axe-wielding murderer named Madman Marz who, after accidentally summoned by a group of campers during a campfire tale, begins to stalk and murder the group who summoned him. Originally based on the upstate New York urban legend of the Cropsey maniac, the film's central premise and main antagonist was changed last minute due to conflicts with The Burning (1981), which was in production at the same time. In the years since its release, the film has achieved a cult following.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Madman: