Mr In-Between: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2001 film by Paul Sarossy Mr In-Between have died?

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2001 film by Paul Sarossy

Mr In-Between

Release date 2001
Released19 years (approx) ago
Mr In-Between
Mr In-Between
Leading British actors David Calder (left) and Gawn Grainger were among the guests at the Empty Space...Peter Brook Award ceremony, held at the National Theatre Studio in London on Tuesday 3rd November 2009. National Theatre Studio, The Cut (off Waterloo Road) London SE1

About Mr In-Between

Mr In-Between (also called The Killing Kind) is a 2001 British crime drama film based on the novel of the same title by English novelist Neil Cross. The film was directed by cinematographer Paul Sarossy, his only directorial role to date, and the screenplay written by Peter Waddington, who also has a small role in the film.