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Which cast members of 1978 film by Martyn Burke Power Play have died?

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1978 film by Martyn Burke

Power Play

Release date 1978
Released42 years (approx) ago
Power Play
Power Play
Memorial plaque to Peter O'Toole at St Paul's, Covent Garden

About Power Play

Power Play is a 1978 British-Canadian thriller film starring Peter O'Toole and David Hemmings, based on the non-fiction strategy book Coup d'√Čtat: A Practical Handbook by Edward N. Luttwak. A small group of military officers frustrated by the corruption of a fictional contemporary European government decide that they must overthrow the current administration. But the coup's leader worries that there is a spy in their group. A UK-Canada co-production filmed in Canada and West Germany, Power Play includes scenes shot at the University of Toronto's University College quadrangle and hallways. Portions were also filmed at Canadian Forces Base Borden, and at Canadian Forces Base Toronto in Downsview. The flag of the film's unnamed republic, "a generic country with no specific geography or culture" was green, yellow and black.