Satyricon: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1969 film by Gian Luigi Polidoro Satyricon have died?

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1969 film by Gian Luigi Polidoro


Release date 27 Mar 1969
Released52 years, 8 months ago
Duration 122 minutes
American actress Tina Aumont (Marie Christine Aumont) acting in the film Fellini's Casanova. 1976.

About Satyricon

Satyricon, also named The Degenerates, is an Italian film from 1969 directed by Gian Luigi Polidoro. Just like the more famous version made by Federico Fellini it is loosely based on Petronius's work, Satyricon, a series of bawdy and satirical episodes written during the reign of the emperor Nero and set in imperial Rome.