Sister Street Fighter: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1974 Japanese action film Sister Street Fighter have died?

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1974 Japanese action film

Sister Street Fighter

Release date 1974
Released44 years (approx) ago

About Sister Street Fighter

Sister Street Fighter (女必殺拳, Onna Hissatsu Ken, UK title: Revenge of the Dragon, German title: Die Karate Tiger) is a spin-off of The Street Fighter (1974). The plot revolves around Lǐ Hóng-Lóng (李紅竜 Li Kōryū), the female martial artist of the title. When her brother Lǐ Wàn-Qīng is kidnapped by drug lords, she seeks revenge. The drug lord's colorful collection of "killers" includes a toga-clad group of Thai Boxers called the "Amazons Seven", along with representatives of almost every martial art. Hóng-Lóng breaks into the drug lord's compound with the help of Seiichi Hibiki (Sonny Chiba) and other members of the Shorinji Kempo dojo. After all of his minions are defeated, the drug lord himself battles Hóng-Lóng, wearing a steel claw in imitation of Han, the villain from Enter the Dragon (1973).

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Sister Street Fighter: