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Which cast and crew of 1982 film by Dario Argento Tenebrae are living and who are dead?

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1982 film by Dario Argento


Released 28 October 1982 (40 years, 11 months ago)

Director Dario Argento
Duration 110 minutes
Genre horror film and LGBT-related film
Composer Claudio Simonetti
Country of origin Italy
Screenwriter Dario Argento
Producer Claudio Argento

About Tenebrae

Italian horror master Dario Argento's 1982 film Tenebrae is a stylish and violent thriller that has become a cult classic among horror fans. The film follows an American writer who travels to Rome to promote his latest book, only to become embroiled in a series of gruesome murders that seem to be inspired by his work. With its striking visuals, intense violence, and pulsing score by Goblin, Tenebrae is a prime example of Argento's unique brand of horror. The film has been praised for its inventive camera work, including a famous tracking shot that follows the killer through a house, and its use of color and light to create a dreamlike atmosphere. However, it has also been criticized for its misogyny and graphic violence towards women. Despite these flaws, Tenebrae remains a must-see for fans of Italian horror and Argento's work in particular.


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