The Contract: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2006 film by Bruce Beresford The Contract have died?

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2006 film by Bruce Beresford

The Contract

Release date 2006
Released14 years (approx) ago
Duration 96 minutes
The Contract
The Contract
Academy Award-winning actor Morgan Freeman narrates for the opening ceremony to they 2016 Invictus games in Orlando, Fla. May 8, 2016. (DoD News photo by EJ Hersom)

About The Contract

The Contract is a 2006 film directed by Bruce Beresford and written by television writer Stephen Katz and John Darrouzet. A cat-and-mouse thriller, The Contract stars Morgan Freeman as assassin Frank Carden and John Cusack as teacher Ray Keene. Released directly to video in the United States and most of Europe, The Contract received little critical notice, despite its high-profile cast.