The Great McGonagall: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1974 film by Joseph McGrath The Great McGonagall have died?

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1974 film by Joseph McGrath

The Great McGonagall

Release date 1974
Released45 years (approx) ago
The Great McGonagall
The Great McGonagall
The sad news came through today (19.06.12) that comedian and actor Victor Spinetti, a former pupil of Monmouth School, has passed away at Monnow Vale Hospital, Monmouth. Victor appeared in the 1960s Beatles film 'A Hard Day's Night'. In this image Victor is seen giving one of the funniest and most heart-warming speeches I have ever heard at Monmouth School's 'Speech Day' (prize-giving day). It was good to have him back for the day. To clarify, this picture appears on the front page of The Beacon newspaper but I took it. It can be used by others with permission.

About The Great McGonagall

The Great McGonagall is a 1974 British comedy film directed by Joseph McGrath and starring Spike Milligan in the title role, Peter Sellers as Queen Victoria and Julia Foster as Mrs McGonagall. It is a humorous biopic of the Scottish poet William McGonagall that includes several of McGonagall's actual poems, his appearing in the title role of Macbeth and his "improvement" of the Bard's plot, his pilgrimage to Balmoral Castle, the attempted assassination of Queen Victoria by Roderick McLean and a tribute to McGonagall from Lt Frederick Rollo of the Royal Scots in Zululand.