The Green Mile: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 1999 American drama film The Green Mile are living and who are dead?

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The Green Mile

1999 American drama film

The Green Mile

Released 6 December 1999 (23 years, 2 months ago)

Director Frank Darabont
Duration 189 minutes
Genre drama film, flashback film, film adaptation, fantasy film and prison film
Nominated for Academy Award for Best Picture, Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor, Academy Award for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay and Academy Award for Best Sound Mixing
Composer Thomas Newman
Production company Warner Bros. and Castle Rock Entertainment
Country of origin United States of America
Screenwriter Frank Darabont
Producer Frank Darabont and David Valdes

About The Green Mile

The Green Mile is a 1999 American fantasy crime drama film written and directed by Frank Darabont and adapted from the 1996 Stephen King novel of the same name. The film is told in a flashback format and stars Tom Hanks as Paul Edgecomb, and Michael Clarke Duncan as John Coffey, with supporting roles by David Morse, Bonnie Hunt, and James Cromwell. The film also features Dabbs Greer in his final film, as the older Paul Edgecomb. It tells the story of Paul's life as a death row corrections officer during the U.S. Great Depression, and the supernatural events he witnessed. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards: Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor for Michael Clarke Duncan, Best Sound Mixing, and Best Adapted Screenplay.