The Hunger Games: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 2012 film by Gary Ross The Hunger Games are living and who are dead?

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The Hunger Games

2012 film by Gary Ross

The Hunger Games

Released 20 April 2012 (11 years, 6 months ago)

Director Gary Ross
Duration 142 minutes
Box office $694,394,724
Awards Saturn Award for Best Actress and Teen Choice Award for Best Villain
Genre science fiction film, adventure film, psychological thriller, dystopian film, post-apocalyptic film, drama film, film based on novels, action film and fantasy film
Composer James Newton Howard and T-Bone Burnett
Production company Lions Gate Entertainment and Color Force
Country of origin United States of America
Screenwriter Billy Ray, Gary Ross and Suzanne Collins
Producer Nina Jacobson and Jon Kilik

About The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games, based on the bestselling novel by Suzanne Collins, is a thrilling and thought-provoking film that takes place in a dystopian future where children are forced to fight to the death in a televised competition. Directed by Gary Ross, the film stars Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss Everdeen, a young girl from a poor district who volunteers to take her sister's place in the games.

The film is a visual feast, with stunning cinematography and special effects that bring the world of Panem to life. The action sequences are intense and well-choreographed, and the performances by the cast are top-notch. Lawrence in particular shines as Katniss, bringing depth and nuance to a character who could have easily been one-dimensional.

But what sets The Hunger Games apart from other action films is its social commentary. The film raises important questions about the nature of power, the role of the media in society, and the ethics of violence. It's a film that will leave you thinking long after the credits roll.

Overall, The Hunger Games is a must-see film that lives up to the hype. It's a thrilling action movie with a message, and it's sure to be remembered as one of the best films of 2012.


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