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The Real Son

Release date 2008
Released12 years (approx) ago

About The Real Son

The Real Son is a short movie, in which Lucas Grabeel plays Freddie Deansman, the rebellious son of a golf player (Mark L. Taylor) who cares more about fixing the golf club's fastest printer than about his son. On Father's Day, Mr Deansman competes in a golf tournament with a friend's son, leaving Freddie to his own devices. At the end of the day, Mr Deansman takes home the printer and goes to pick up Freddie. Their awkward conversation betrays the communication gap between the two. this disconnection is underlined by the revelation that Mr Deansman has been pushing for Freddie to join the Navy. In contrast, Freddie aims to go to art school, his artistic nature revealed through his labelling of the printer as 'The Real Son' in red ink. Just as the two are reaching a reconciliation, with Freddie confiding to his father his plans for an art piece, Mr Deansman interrupts his son and begins again to praise the printer's speed. It is clear that there has been no change in the father-son relationship. The film lasts almost 9 minutes.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of The Real Son: