The Texas Bad Man: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1932 film by Edward Laemmle The Texas Bad Man have died?

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1932 film by Edward Laemmle

The Texas Bad Man

Release date 1932
Released88 years (approx) ago
The Texas Bad Man
The Texas Bad Man
Poster for the 1932 film The Texas Bad Man. There are no copyright marks on the poster. At bottom left is Country of Origin USA. At bottom right is The Morgan Litho Co., Cleveland USA-they printed the poster-and 37068. United States Copyright Office page 2 "Visually Perceptible Copies The notice for visually perceptible copies should contain all three elements described below. They should appear together or in close proximity on the copies. 1 The symbol © (letter C in a circle); the word “Copyright”; or the abbreviation “Copr.” 2 The year of first publication. If the work is a derivative work or a compilation incorporating previously published material, the year date of first publication of the derivative work or compilation is sufficient. Examples of derivative works are translations or dramatizations; an example of a compilation is an anthology. The year may be omitted when a pictorial, graphic, or sculptural work, with accompanying textual matter, if any, is reproduced in or on greeting cards, postcards, stationery, jewelry, dolls, toys, or useful articles. 3 The name of the copyright owner, an abbreviation by which the name can be recognized, or a generally known alternative designation of owner.1 Example © 2007 Jane Doe."

About The Texas Bad Man

The Texas Bad Man is a 1932 American Western film directed by Edward Laemmle and written by Jack Cunningham and Richard Schayer. The film stars Tom Mix, Lucille Powers, Willard Robertson, Fred Kohler, Joseph W. Girard and Tetsu Komai. The film was released on June 30, 1932, by Universal Pictures.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of The Texas Bad Man: