The Wild Child: Living or Dead?

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Which cast and crew of 1970 film by François Truffaut The Wild Child are living and who are dead?

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The Wild Child

1970 film by François Truffaut

The Wild Child

Released 1970 (52 years, 6 months ago)

Director François Truffaut
Duration 81 minutes
Genre drama film
Composer Antonio Vivaldi
Country of origin France and United States of America
Screenwriter François Truffaut
Producer Marcel Berbert

About The Wild Child

Francois Truffaut's 1970 film, The Wild Child, is a haunting and poignant exploration of the human condition. Based on the true story of a feral child found in the forests of 18th century France, the film is a testament to the power of love and compassion.

Truffaut's direction is masterful, capturing the beauty and brutality of nature with equal measure. The film's cinematography is stunning, with lush forests and sweeping landscapes providing a breathtaking backdrop to the story.

But it is the performance of Jean-Pierre Cargol as the wild child, Victor, that truly steals the show. Cargol's portrayal is both heartbreaking and awe-inspiring, capturing the innocence and wonder of a child discovering the world for the first time.

The Wild Child is a film that lingers long after the credits roll, leaving viewers with a profound sense of empathy and understanding. It is a testament to the power of cinema to move and inspire, and a must-see for anyone who appreciates the art of storytelling.


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Cast and crew

Cast and crew listed below. See if you can find out who is who from the stats below.


90 years, 2 months, 20 days


52 years, 9 months, 1 day

Born first

18 August 1904

Died first

21 October 1984

Born last

23 April 1944

Died last

27 July 2021

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