Three Stories: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1953 film by Czesław Petelski Three Stories have died?

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1953 film by Czesław Petelski

Three Stories

Release date 1953
Released65 years (approx) ago
Three Stories
Three Stories
Barbara Modelska z Bogumiłem Kobielą w filmie "Człowiek z M-3" reż. Leon Jeannot

About Three Stories

Three Stories (Polish: Trzy opowiesci) is a 1953 Polish drama film directed by Konrad Nalecki, Ewa Petelska and Czeslaw Petelski. It is an anthology film, with three separate stories by different directors and casts. It was made in the style of socialist realism, at a time when this Stalinist method was at its height in Polish and Eastern European cinema. The film's sets were designed by Wojciech Krysztofiak.