When Angels Fall: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1959 film by Roman Polanski When Angels Fall have died?

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1959 film by Roman Polanski

When Angels Fall

Release date 1959
Released59 years (approx) ago
Duration 21 minutes

About When Angels Fall

When Angels Fall, or Gdy spadają anioły, is a short film written and directed by Roman Polański in 1959. The idea for the film was taken from a short story "Klozet Babcia" (aka "Toilet Granny"), written by Leszek Szymański and published in the weekly "Kierunki" in Warsaw, Poland. The film was Polanski's first produced in color. The film, told mostly in flashback, portrays a washroom attendant who reminisces about her former life while daydreaming at her dreary job. (Note:The Polanski film is unrelated to the 1985 stage play When Angels Fall by Michael Jones and Linda Renye.)