Windfall: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 2010 documentary film Windfall have died?

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2010 documentary film


Release date 2010
Released11 years (approx) ago

About Windfall

Windfall is a 2010 documentary film directed by Laura Israel about the reaction of residents in rural Meredith, New York (in Delaware County, New York) to a proposal to place numerous wind turbines in their community to harness wind power. It's important to note that this film was done by an interested local citizen, not some organization with an agenda. Laura did this film because she had a media degree from NYU, and this seemed like an compelling local activity that would have broader interest to citizens countrywide. Laura is not an energy expert, and does not portray herself as one. She is a citizen who went to great lengths to have people on both sides of the story have their say. (The wind developer was asked to be interviewed for the film, but they declined.) The narrative relates to what happens when citizens get more educated about the very technical issue of industrial wind energy. In essence, this is a story about the democratic process.

Cast and crew

The following people were involved in the making of Windfall: