Yesterday's Hero: Living or Dead?

Which cast members of 1979 film by Neil Leifer Yesterday's Hero have died?

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1979 film by Neil Leifer

Yesterday's Hero

Release date 1979
Released41 years (approx) ago
Yesterday's Hero
Yesterday's Hero
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About Yesterday's Hero

Yesterday's Hero is a 1979 British film starring Ian McShane, Suzanne Somers (in her film debut), Adam Faith, Paul Nicholas and Cary Elwes (in his film debut). It also features Glynis Barber and Emma Samms in their early performances. The screenplay was written by novelist Jackie Collins, but was an original work and not based on one of her books. Although it has echoes of the life of the former player George Best, the film is not biographical. The film is currently being shown by TalkingPictures TV (Freeview 81).