Is Alfred Lawson Living or Dead?

Has Baseball player, author, aircraft manufacturer, philosopher Alfred Lawson died? Or is he still alive?

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Baseball player, author, aircraft manufacturer, philosopher

Alfred Lawson is ...

Born 24 Mar 1869 in London
Died 29 Nov 1954 in San Antonio
Age85 years, 8 months
Alfred Lawson
Alfred Lawson
Lawson, Alfred. W.

About Alfred Lawson

Alfred William Lawson (March 24, 1869 – November 29, 1954) was a professional baseball player, manager, and league promoter from 1887 through 1916 and went on to play a pioneering role in the U.S. aircraft industry. He published two early aviation trade journals. He is frequently cited as the inventor of the airliner and was awarded several of the first air mail contracts, which he ultimately could not fulfill. He founded the Lawson Aircraft Company in Green Bay, Wisconsin, to build military training aircraft and later the Lawson Airplane Company in South Milwaukee, Wisconsin, to build airliners. The crash of his ambitious Lawson L-4 "Midnight Liner" during its trial flight takeoff on May 8, 1921, ended his best chance for commercial aviation success. In 1904, he wrote a novel, Born Again, which he used to develop his theory of "Lawsonomy."

He is also known as Alfred William Lawson.