Is Alice Guy-Blaché Living or Dead?

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Is Film director Alice Guy-Blaché dead? Or ... still alive?

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Alice Guy-Blaché

Film director

Alice Guy-Blaché is ...


Born 1 July 1873 in Saint-Mandé
Died 24 March 1968 in Wayne
Age 94 years, 8 months

Sex or gender female
Country of citizenship France
Spouse Herbert Blaché
Occupation film producer, actor, film director and screenwriter
Awards Knight of the Legion of Honour

About Alice Guy-Blaché

Alice Guy-Blaché was a pioneer in the film industry, known for being the first female film director and producer. Born in France in 1873, she began her career in film at the age of 21, working for the Gaumont Film Company. She quickly rose through the ranks, becoming head of production and directing her first film, "La Fée aux Choux," in 1896.

Over the course of her career, Guy-Blaché directed and produced over 1,000 films, including the first narrative film with an all-black cast, "A Fool and His Money," in 1912. She was also a trailblazer in the use of special effects and color in film, experimenting with techniques such as hand-tinting and stop-motion animation.

Despite her many accomplishments, Guy-Blaché's contributions to the film industry were largely forgotten for many years. It wasn't until the 1970s that her work began to be rediscovered and celebrated, thanks in part to the efforts of film historians and scholars.

Today, Guy-Blaché is recognized as a true visionary in the world of film, and her legacy continues to inspire filmmakers around the world. As director Ava DuVernay said in a recent interview, "Alice Guy-Blaché was a true pioneer, and her work deserves to be celebrated and remembered for generations to come."


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About Death

Alice Guy-Blaché never remarried, and in 1964 she returned to the United States to stay with one of her daughters. On March 24, 1968, Guy died at the age of 94 while living at a nursing home in New Jersey. She is interred at Maryrest Cemetery.

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