Is Arsenio Iglesias Living or Dead?

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Is Spanish football player and manager Arsenio Iglesias dead? Or ... still alive?

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Arsenio Iglesias

Spanish football player and manager

Arsenio Iglesias is ...


Born 24 December 1930 in A Baiuca
Died 5 May 2023 in A Coruña
Age 92 years, 5 months
Cause Parkinson's disease

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship Spain
Birth name Arsenio Iglesias Pardo
Place of burial Arteixo, Arteixo
Occupation association football player and association football manager
Height 1.69m (5'7")
Awards Castelao Medal, Adoptive Son and Hijo Predilecto
Sport association football
Member of sports team Sevilla FC, Albacete Balompié, Real Oviedo, Deportivo de La Coruña, Deportivo de La Coruña B and Granada CF

About Arsenio Iglesias

Arsenio Iglesias: The Spanish Football Legend

Arsenio Iglesias, born on December 24, 1930, is a Spanish football player and manager who has left an indelible mark on the sport. Iglesias started his career as a player in 1949, playing for Deportivo de La Coruña, where he spent six seasons. He then moved to Real Betis, where he played for two seasons before retiring in 1958.

After retiring, Iglesias became a coach, starting with Deportivo de La Coruña in 1963. He then went on to manage several other clubs, including Real Betis, Real Oviedo, and Celta Vigo. However, it was his time at Deportivo de La Coruña that cemented his legacy as a manager.

Under Iglesias' leadership, Deportivo de La Coruña achieved promotion to La Liga in 1964 and went on to win the Copa del Rey in 1995. Iglesias also led the team to several top-five finishes in La Liga and helped establish them as a top-flight team.

Iglesias' success at Deportivo de La Coruña earned him the nickname "El Mago" (The Magician) and made him a beloved figure in the city. He was known for his tactical acumen and his ability to get the best out of his players.

Iglesias retired from coaching in 1998, but his legacy lives on. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest managers in Spanish football history and is a member of the Spanish Football Hall of Fame.


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About Death

Iglesias died in A Coruña on 5 May 2023, at age 92.

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