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Is Radio and television personality Art Linkletter dead? Or ... still alive?

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Art Linkletter

Radio and television personality

Art Linkletter is ...


Born 17 July 1912 in Moose Jaw
Died 26 May 2010 in Los Angeles
Age 97 years, 10 months

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship Canada and United States of America
Child Diane Linkletter and Jack Linkletter
Occupation actor, television presenter and radio personality
Awards Daytime Emmy Award, National Humanities Medal, Theodore Roosevelt Award, Horatio Alger Award and Disney Legends

About Art Linkletter

Art Linkletter was a beloved radio and television personality who captured the hearts of audiences across America. Born on July 17, 1912, in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, Linkletter moved to California with his family at a young age and began his career in entertainment as a radio announcer in the 1930s.

Linkletter's big break came in 1945 when he began hosting the radio show "House Party," which became a hit with audiences and led to a successful television adaptation in 1952. The show, which featured interviews with everyday people and segments like "Kids Say the Darndest Things," became a cultural phenomenon and cemented Linkletter's status as a beloved figure in American entertainment.

Throughout his career, Linkletter also hosted a number of other popular television shows, including "People Are Funny" and "The Art Linkletter Show." He was also a successful author, penning several books on topics ranging from parenting to business.

Despite his success, Linkletter faced personal tragedy when his daughter Diane died by suicide in 1969. In the wake of her death, Linkletter became an advocate for suicide prevention and worked tirelessly to raise awareness about mental health issues.

Linkletter continued to work in entertainment well into his later years, and remained a beloved figure until his death in 2010 at the age of 97.


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