Is Brian Christopher Living or Dead?

Has American professional wrestler Brian Christopher died? Or is he still alive?

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American professional wrestler

Brian Christopher is ...

Born 10 Jan 1972 in Memphis
Died 29 Jul 2018 in Bolivar
Age46 years, 6 months
Height1.78m (5 ft, 10 in)

About Brian Christopher

Brian Christopher Lawler (January 10, 1972 – July 29, 2018) was an American professional wrestler. He is best remembered for his career in the World Wrestling Federation (now WWE), where he performed as Brian Christopher and Grand Master Sexay. Lawler was a one-time WWF Tag Team Champion as part of Too Cool with Scotty 2 Hotty, and won 44 titles within the United States Wrestling Association. He was the son of professional wrestler Jerry Lawler and brother of wrestling referee Kevin Christian.

He is also known as Brian Lawler and Grand Master Sexay.


In early July 2018, Lawler was again jailed for driving under the influence and for evading police. On the early morning of July 29, 2018, Lawler was found hanging in a cell at the Hardeman County Jail and was observed to be brain dead. His life support was disabled after his father Jerry Lawler had arrived to the hospital to bid his farewell. Lawler was pronounced dead at around 4:40 p.m. EST at the age of 46.