Is Chai Chidchob Living or Dead?

Has Thai politician Chai Chidchob died? Or is he still alive?

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Thai politician

Chai Chidchob is ...

Born 5 Mar 1928 in Buri Ram
Died 24 Jan 2020 in Buri Ram
Age91 years, 10 months
Chai Chidchob
Chai Chidchob
ชัย ชิดชอบ 2011

About Chai Chidchob

Chai Chidchob (Thai: ชัย ชิดชอบ, RTGS: Chai Chitchop, IPA: [t͡ɕʰaj t͡ɕʰít.t͡ɕʰɔ̂ːp]; 5 April 1929 – 24 January 2020) was President of the National Assembly of Thailand and the Speaker of the House of Representatives from 15 May 2008 to 10 May 2011.


Chai died at age 92 at his house in Buriram on 24 January 2020.