Is Christine Cavanaugh Living or Dead?

Has American voice, film, and television actress Christine Cavanaugh died? Or is she still alive?

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American voice, film, and television actress

Christine Cavanaugh is ...

Born 16 Aug 1963 in Utah
Died 22 Dec 2014 in Cedar City
Age51 years, 4 months

About Christine Cavanaugh

Christine Josephine Cavanaugh (née Sandberg; August 16, 1963 – December 22, 2014) was an American voice actress and actress who had a distinctive speaking style and provided the voice for a large range of cartoon characters. She starred as the voice of Bunnie Rabbot from the Sonic the Hedgehog Saturday-morning cartoon on ABC, Babe from the 1995 film of the same name, Gosalyn Mallard in Darkwing Duck, and served as the original voices of Chuckie Finster in Nickelodeon's Rugrats and the title character in Cartoon Network's Dexter's Laboratory. In 2001, she retired from acting and in 2003, she retired from voice acting. Cavanaugh died on December 22, 2014 at the age of 51.


On December 22, 2014, Cavanaugh died at her home in Cedar City, Utah. She was 51 years old. Actors Bill Farmer and Jim Cummings, and actresses E.G. Daily, Tara Strong, and Grey DeLisle, tweeted farewell messages to her as tribute.