British musician

Danny Kirwan is ...

Born 13 May 1950 in Brixton
Died 8 Jun 2018 in London
Age68 years
Danny Kirwan
Danny Kirwan
Danny Kirwan, Fleetwood Mac, March 18, 1970 Niedersachsenhalle, Hannover, Germany, The Touring Band: Mick Fleetwood - Percussion, Peter Green - Lead Vocals/Guitar/Harmonica (left band in May), John McVie - Bass Guitar, Jeremy Spencer - Vocals/Guitar, Danny Kirwan - Vocals/Guitar

About Danny Kirwan

Daniel David Kirwan (13 May 1950 – 8 June 2018) was a British musician whose greatest success came with his role as guitarist, singer and songwriter with the blues rock band Fleetwood Mac between 1968 and 1972. He released three albums as a solo artist from 1975 to 1979, recorded albums with Otis Spann, Chris Youlden, and Tramp, and worked with his former Fleetwood Mac colleagues Jeremy Spencer and Christine McVie on some of their solo projects.

He is also known as Daniel David Kirwan.


Kirwan died in London on 8 June 2018. In a statement posted on Facebook, Mick Fleetwood said: "Danny’s true legacy will forever live on in the music he wrote and played so beautifully as a part of the foundation of Fleetwood Mac that has now endured for over fifty years. Thank you, Danny Kirwan. You will forever be missed." An obituary in The New York Times noted that Kirwan's former wife, Clare Morris, said he had died in his sleep after contracting pneumonia earlier in the year and never fully recovering from it. The British music magazine Mojo, in a two-page tribute to Kirwan's life and music, said Jeremy Spencer had met Kirwan in London in 2002 with his ex-wife Clare and their son Dominic. Kirwan was living in a care home in south London, "where he was well looked after and visited by family and friends until the end".

Mojo quoted Christine McVie as saying: "Danny Kirwan was the white English blues guy. Nobody else could play like him. He was a one-off... Danny and Peter gelled so well together. Danny had a very precise, piercing vibrato – a unique sound... He was a perfectionist... Listen to "Woman of 1000 Years", "Sands of Time", "Tell Me All the Things You Do" – they're killer songs. He was a fantastic musician and a fantastic writer." Jeremy Spencer said, "Danny brought inventiveness and melody to the band... I was timid about stepping out with new ideas, but Danny was brimming with them." Bob Welch said in 1999 that Kirwan had been a talented and gifted musician, "almost equal to Pete Green in his beautiful guitar playing and faultless string bends." Mick Fleetwood said in 1990: "Danny was an exceptional guitar player who inspired Peter into writing the most moving and powerful songs of his life."