Is Eizzaldin al-Manasrah Living or Dead?

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Is palestinian poet and critic (1946-2021) Eizzaldin al-Manasrah dead? Or ... still alive?

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Eizzaldin al-Manasrah

palestinian poet and critic (1946-2021)

Eizzaldin al-Manasrah is ...


Born 11 April 1946 in Bani Na'im
Died 5 April 2021 in Amman
Age 74 years
Cause COVID-19

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship State of Palestine
Manner of death natural causes
Occupation academic, poet, literary critic and university teacher
Awards Jerusalem Prize
Educated at Sofia University

About Eizzaldin al-Manasrah

Eizzaldin al-Manasrah was a Palestinian poet and critic whose words were a powerful tool in the fight for Palestinian liberation. Born on April 11, 1946, in the village of Qabatiya, al-Manasrah's work was deeply rooted in his experiences of growing up under occupation.

As a young man, al-Manasrah became involved in the Palestinian resistance movement and was imprisoned multiple times for his activism. It was during these periods of incarceration that he began to write poetry as a means of expressing his political beliefs and documenting the struggles of his people.

Throughout his career, al-Manasrah's poetry was marked by its raw honesty and unflinching critique of the Israeli occupation. His work often explored themes of displacement, loss, and resistance, and was deeply informed by his experiences as a Palestinian living under occupation.

In addition to his poetry, al-Manasrah was also a respected literary critic and scholar. He was known for his incisive analyses of Palestinian literature and his commitment to promoting the work of Palestinian writers both at home and abroad.

Sadly, al-Manasrah passed away in 2021, leaving behind a legacy of powerful poetry and unwavering commitment to the Palestinian cause. His words continue to inspire and resonate with those fighting for justice and liberation in Palestine and beyond.


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