Is Elizabeth Wurtzel Living or Dead?

Has American writer and journalist Elizabeth Wurtzel died? Or is she still alive?

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American writer and journalist

Elizabeth Wurtzel is ...

Born 31 Jul 1967 in New York City
Died 7 Jan 2020 in Manhattan
Age52 years, 5 months
Causebreast cancer
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Elizabeth Wurtzel
Elizabeth Wurtzel, Brooklyn, NY 2014

About Elizabeth Wurtzel

Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel (July 31, 1967 – January 7, 2020) was an American writer and journalist, known for the confessional memoir Prozac Nation, which she published at the age of 27. Her work often focused on chronicling her personal struggles with depression, addiction, career, and relationships. Wurtzel's work drove a boom in confessional writing and the personal memoir genre during the 1990s, and she was viewed as a voice of Generation X. In later life, Wurtzel worked briefly as an attorney before her death from breast cancer.

She is also known as Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel.


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