Is Erwin Piscator Living or Dead?

Has German theatre director Erwin Piscator died? Or is he still alive?

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German theatre director

Erwin Piscator is ...

Born 17 Dec 1893 in Greifenstein
Died 30 Mar 1966 in Starnberg
Age72 years, 3 months
Erwin Piscator
Erwin Piscator
Photograph of the German theatre director Erwin Piscator (1893-1966) (Berlin around 1927). After asking several Piscator archives for a portrait photo, one advised Wikipedia to adopt this anonymous photo. The archive does not hold the copyright for this picture but regards the probability that the photographer's heirs will ascert a claim on this picture as marginal.

About Erwin Piscator

Erwin Friedrich Maximilian Piscator (17 December 1893 – 30 March 1966) was a German theatre director and producer and, along with Bertolt Brecht, the foremost exponent of epic theatre, a form that emphasizes the socio-political content of drama, rather than its emotional manipulation of the audience or on the production's formal beauty.