Is Fabrizio Calvi Living or Dead?

Has French journalist and writer Fabrizio Calvi died? Or is he still alive?

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French journalist and writer

Fabrizio Calvi is ...

Born 27 May 1954 in Alexandria
Died 23 Oct 2021
Age67 years, 4 months
Fabrizio Calvi
Fabrizio Calvi
Portrait photographique en couleurs de Jean-Claude Zagdoun

About Fabrizio Calvi

Jean-Claude Zagdoun born on 27 May 1954 in Alexandria. He is a citizen of France. He died on 23 October 2021 at age 67 years, 4 months.

He was a French journalist and writer.

Fabrizio Calvi has worked as a journalist, writer and film director. He has (had) the following medical conditions: amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

He is also known as Jean-Claude Zagdoun.


Calvi committed suicide on 23 October 2021. In a Facebook posting, Calvi disclosed that he had decided to take his own life because he was dealing with a serious disease.