Bulgarian writer

Georgi Karaslavov is ...

Born 12 Jan 1904 in Plovdiv
Died 26 Jan 1980 in Sofia
Age76 years
Georgi Karaslavov
Georgi Karaslavov
Georgi Karaslavov, Zlatyu Boyadzhiev Exposition, Plovdiv

About Georgi Karaslavov

Georgi Karaslavov (Bulgarian: Георги Караславов) (12 January 1904 – 26 January 1980) was a Bulgarian writer born in the Debar district of the town of Parvomay in Plovdiv Province. Several of his novels, including Snaha, Tatul, and Selkor, were made into films.

He is also known as Georgi Slavov Karaslavov.