Is Greta Meyer Living or Dead?

Has German actress Greta Meyer died? Or is she still alive?

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German actress

Greta Meyer is ...

Born 7 Aug 1883 in German Empire
Died 8 Oct 1965 in Gardena
Age82 years, 2 months
Greta Meyer
Greta Meyer
William Newell and Greta Meyer in the American film Bill Cracks Down (1937) - cropped screenshot

About Greta Meyer

Greta Meyer (August 7, 1883 – October 8, 1965) was a German actress in motion pictures beginning in the silent film era. She performed for almost seventy years. She belonged to the most famous theatrical family in Germany, comparable to the Barrymore family in America. Her early film efforts came in films like De jantjes (1922) and Die Königsloge (1929). Meyer came to America in 1923 from her native Germany aboard a German steamship. She became a U.S. citizen. Meyer appeared in many Hollywood movies between 1933 and 1942, including The Great Waltz (1938) and Bitter Sweet (1940). In 1963 Meyer was evicted from her home at 505 North Westmount Drive, West Hollywood, California, when property owners decided to replace her old home with a new structure. She moved in with a friend but had little place to store her acting memorabilia. Meyer contemplated a return to Germany. Greta Meyer died in Gardena, California in 1965.