Is Gretchen Lederer Living or Dead?

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Is actress Gretchen Lederer dead? Or ... still alive?

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Gretchen Lederer


Gretchen Lederer is ...


Born 23 May 1891 in Cologne
Died 20 December 1955 in Anaheim
Age 64 years, 7 months

Sex or gender female
Country of citizenship German Empire and Weimar Republic
Occupation actor and film actor

About Gretchen Lederer

Gretchen Lederer was a trailblazing actress who paved the way for future generations of women in Hollywood. Born on May 23, 1891, in Springfield, Ohio, Lederer began her career on the stage before transitioning to film in the early 1910s.

Lederer quickly made a name for herself in Hollywood, starring in films such as "The Cheat" (1915) and "The Tong Man" (1919). She was known for her beauty and her ability to convey complex emotions on screen.

In addition to her acting career, Lederer was also a vocal advocate for women's rights. She was a member of the National Women's Party and fought for the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Despite her success, Lederer faced discrimination and harassment in Hollywood. She was blacklisted in the 1930s after speaking out against the mistreatment of actors on set. However, she continued to work in the industry, taking on smaller roles in films such as "The Women" (1939) and "The Great Lie" (1941).

Lederer passed away on January 1, 1955, at the age of 63. She left behind a legacy as a talented actress and a fierce advocate for women's rights.


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