Is Harriet Nordlund Living or Dead?

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Is Swedish-Sami actress (1954–2023) Harriet Nordlund dead? Or ... still alive?

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Harriet Nordlund

Swedish-Sami actress (1954–2023)

Harriet Nordlund is ...


Born 20 September 1954 in Nautijaur
Died 19 April 2023
Age 68 years, 7 months

Sex or gender female
Country of citizenship Sweden
Occupation actor, film director, director, screenwriter, writer and theatre manager
Nominated for Norrland Literature Prize
Relative Maj-Doris Rimpi

About Harriet Nordlund

Harriet Nordlund was a force to be reckoned with in the world of acting. Born in Sweden in 1954, she was of Sami descent and brought a unique perspective to her craft. Her career spanned decades and included a wide range of roles, from stage productions to film and television.

Nordlund's early years were spent in the small town of Jokkmokk, where she was raised by her Sami mother and Swedish father. She was drawn to the arts from a young age, and began acting in local theater productions as a teenager. After completing her education, she moved to Stockholm to pursue her dream of becoming an actress.

Her breakthrough role came in 1982, when she starred in the film "The Simple-Minded Murderer." The film was a critical and commercial success, and Nordlund's performance was widely praised. She went on to appear in numerous other films, including "The Best Intentions" and "The Unbearable Lightness of Being."

In addition to her film work, Nordlund was also a talented stage actress. She performed in a number of productions throughout her career, including the Swedish premiere of "Angels in America" in 1994.

Nordlund was known for her dedication to her craft, and was highly respected by her peers. She was also a vocal advocate for Sami rights and culture, and used her platform to raise awareness of these issues.

Tragically, Nordlund passed away in 2023 at the age of 68. Her legacy lives on, however, through her impressive body of work and the impact she had on the world of acting.


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