Is Hideo Azuma Living or Dead?

Has Japanese cartoonist (1950-2019) Hideo Azuma died? Or is he still alive?

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Japanese cartoonist (1950-2019)

Hideo Azuma is ...

Born 6 Feb 1950 in Urahoro
Died 13 Oct 2019 in Tokyo
Age69 years, 8 months
Causeesophageal cancer

About Hideo Azuma

Hideo Azuma (吾妻 ひでお, Azuma Hideo, February 6, 1950 – October 13, 2019) was a Japanese manga artist. Azuma made his professional debut in 1969 in the Akita Shoten manga magazine Manga Ō. He was most well known for his science fiction lolicon-themed works appearing in magazines such as Weekly Shōnen Champion, as well as children's comedy series such as Nanako SOS and Little Pollon (which both became anime television series in the early 1980s). He has been called the "father of lolicon".In 2005 he published an autobiographical manga titled Disappearance Diary that has won several awards including the Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize. His name was also sometimes romanized Hideo Aduma. Azuma died in hospital on October 13, 2019 due to esophageal cancer at the age of 69.

He is also known as Azuma Hideo, Aduma Hideo and Hideo Aduma.