Japanese actor also known as Eisei Amamoto

Hideyo Amamoto is ...

Born 2 Jan 1926 in Wakamatsu-ku
Died 23 Mar 2003
Age77 years, 2 months
Hideyo Amamoto
Hideyo Amamoto
Hideyo Amamoto. taken in 1954.

About Hideyo Amamoto

Hideyo Amamoto (天本 英世, Amamoto Hideyo, January 2, 1926 – March 23, 2003) was a prolific Japanese actor from the Wakamatsu ward of Kitakyūshū best known for portraying Dr. Shinigami in the original Kamen Rider series as well as many other characters in tokusatsu films and the Godzilla series. Amamoto also used the pseudonym of Eisei Amamoto for most of his career, Eisei being a misreading of the kanji in his real name, Hideyo. He died on March 23, 2003 from acute pneumonia at the age of 77.