Is James D. Hudnall Living or Dead?

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Is American writer James D. Hudnall dead? Or ... still alive?

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James D. Hudnall

American writer

James D. Hudnall is ...


Born 10 April 1957 in Santa Rosa
Died 9 April 2019
Age 61 years
Cause diabetes mellitus

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship United States of America
Occupation writer

About James D. Hudnall

James David Hudnall (April 10, 1957 – April 9, 2019) was an American writer who began his career in the comic book field in 1986 with the series Espers, published by Eclipse Comics. He later worked for Marvel and DC on such titles as Alpha Flight, Strikeforce: Morituri, and his own creation Interface, which was a sequel to Espers. He also wrote graphic novels such as Lex Luthor: The Unauthorized Biography, Sinking, Streets and The Psycho.His series Harsh Realm was adapted to television by X-Files producer Chris Carter in 1998. Hudnall and co-creator Andrew Paquette sued Carter and Fox Television when they failed to give them credits on the show. The suit was later settled and as part of the settlement Hudnall and Paquette received credit in the opening titles of the show,Hudnall's other works includes: The Age of Heroes, Aftermath, Shut Up And Die, Two to the Chest, Chiller, Devastator, Hardcase and The Solution. He wrote a libertarian leaning blog under the Pajamas Media group, a network of political blogs.

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