Is Joely Fisher Living or Dead?

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Is American actress and singer Joely Fisher dead? Or ... still alive?

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Joely Fisher

American actress and singer

Joely Fisher is ...


Born 29 October 1967 in Burbank
Age 55 years, 7 months

Sex or gender female
Country of citizenship United States of America
Father Eddie Fisher
Mother Connie Stevens
Sibling Todd Fisher, Carrie Fisher, Tricia Leigh Fisher and Billie Lourd
Spouse Christopher Duddy
Child Olivia Duddy, Skylar Duddy and True Duddy
Occupation stage actor, television actor, film actor, voice actor, actor and singer
Residence Los Angeles
Notable work 'Til Death and Ellen
Member of SAG-AFTRA
Educated at University of Paris, Emerson College and Beverly Hills High School
Eye color brown
Hair color brown hair

About Joely Fisher

Joely Fisher: The Multi-Talented Actress and Singer

Joely Fisher was born on October 29, 1967, in Burbank, California. She was born into a family of entertainers, with her father being the famous singer Eddie Fisher and her mother being the actress Connie Stevens. Her parents divorced when she was just two years old, and she was raised by her mother and stepfather, actor and director James Stacy.

Fisher began her acting career at the age of 18, appearing in the TV series "The Hogan Family" (originally titled "Valerie"). She went on to appear in numerous TV shows and films, including "Ellen," "Desperate Housewives," "Inspector Gadget," and "Mixed Nuts."

In addition to her acting career, Fisher is also a talented singer. She has released two albums, "Joely Fisher" and "Unforgettable," and has performed in numerous musicals, including "Cabaret" and "Grease."

Fisher has also been involved in various philanthropic endeavors, including serving as a spokesperson for the National Eating Disorders Association and supporting the Children's Hospital Los Angeles.

Despite her success, Fisher has faced personal struggles, including a battle with addiction. She has been open about her struggles and has used her platform to raise awareness about addiction and mental health.

In an interview with Rolling Stone, Fisher said, "I've had my ups and downs, but I'm grateful for every experience because it's made me who I am today."

Fisher's talent and resilience have made her a beloved figure in the entertainment industry. She continues to act and perform, and her legacy as a multi-talented artist and advocate for mental health and addiction awareness will undoubtedly endure.


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