Is John Kitzmiller Living or Dead?

Has 1913–1965; African-American actor John Kitzmiller died? Or is he still alive?

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1913–1965; African-American actor

John Kitzmiller is ...

Born 4 Dec 1913 in Battle Creek
Died 23 Feb 1965 in Rome
Age51 years, 2 months
John Kitzmiller
John Kitzmiller
photo from the magazine Cineguida (1954)

About John Kitzmiller

John Kitzmiller (December 4, 1913 – February 23, 1965) was an American actor who worked in his native land, as well as Italy and the United Kingdom. Kitzmiller achieved his greatest fame as a popular and versatile actor in Europe, making an estimated forty European films.


Kitzmiller died of a liver ailment at the age of 51.