Is John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh Living or Dead?

Has British politician John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh died? Or is he still alive?

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British politician

John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh is ...

Born 26 Nov 1937 in Kentish Town
Died 20 May 2019
Age81 years, 5 months
John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh
John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh
Shield of arms of The Lord Moore of Lower Marsh

About John Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh

John Edward Michael Moore, Baron Moore of Lower Marsh, (26 November 1937 – 20 May 2019) was a British politician who was Member of Parliament for Croydon Central from February 1974 until 1992. During the Premiership of Margaret Thatcher he enjoyed a meteoric rise through the ranks of government which culminated in his serving as a Secretary of State in the Cabinet from 1987 to 1989. For a time, he was considered a rising star of the Conservative Party and a potential leadership contender. He was particularly noted for his "filmstar good looks" and an American background. Moore's wife was American and he had lived for several years in the USA. He brought aspects of American corporate culture to government and was reported to speak with a slight American accent. His first political experience was as a Democratic Party organiser in Illinois during the early 1960s. However, his fortunes in government waned after 1987 when he was made responsible for the highly sensitive portfolios of health and social security. His earlier success had been as a facilitator of the Thatcher government's privatisation programme. In this capacity he became known as "Mr Privatisation". When Moore attempted to extend this concept into the management of the National Health Service and the wider provision of social services, he encountered opposition from all sides. After losing credibility he was effectively demoted in 1988 (through loss of the health portfolio) and then sacked from his cabinet post in 1989. The Times diary (13 January 1988) described him as follows; His face it is blank, his blue tie is neat; A slight flush can be seen on his cheek; But though his jaw juts and his gestures are tough; His impression of strength comes out weak. He left the House of Commons in 1992, and subsequently held a number of corporate directorships and chairmanships.