Is Josh Grelle Living or Dead?

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Is American voice actor Josh Grelle dead? Or ... still alive?

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Josh Grelle

American voice actor

Josh Grelle is ...


Born 2 November 1985 in Clifton
Age 37 years, 4 months

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship United States of America
Occupation voice actor and screenwriter
Residence Dallas
Twitter username joshgrelle
Educated at Clifton High School

About Josh Grelle

Josh Grelle: The Voice of a Generation

Josh Grelle was born on November 2, 1985, in Clifton, Texas. From a young age, he knew he wanted to be a performer, and he pursued that dream with passion and dedication. Today, he is one of the most sought-after voice actors in the industry, known for his incredible range and versatility.

Grelle got his start in voice acting in 2004, when he landed a role in the anime series "Kiddy Grade." Since then, he has lent his voice to dozens of popular anime and video game titles, including "Attack on Titan," "Fairy Tail," "Tokyo Ghoul," and "Fire Emblem." He has also worked on several English dubs of Japanese films and television shows.

What sets Grelle apart from other voice actors is his ability to bring depth and nuance to his performances. Whether he's playing a heroic protagonist or a sinister villain, he always manages to find the emotional truth of the character. His fans appreciate his dedication to his craft and his willingness to take risks and try new things.

Off-screen, Grelle is known for his easygoing personality and his love of pop culture. He's an avid gamer and comic book fan, and he enjoys attending conventions and meeting his fans. He's also a talented musician, and he occasionally performs at events and concerts.

Despite his success, Grelle remains humble and grateful for the opportunities he's had. He credits his family and friends for supporting him throughout his career, and he's always looking for ways to give back to his community. He's involved in several charitable organizations, including the American Cancer Society and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

As Grelle continues to grow and evolve as a performer, his fans can't wait to see what he'll do next. With his talent, dedication, and passion for his craft, he's sure to be a force in the industry for years to come.


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