Is Magdalen Berns Living or Dead?

Has software developer and feminist Magdalen Berns died? Or is she still alive?

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software developer and feminist

Magdalen Berns is ...

Born 6 May 1983
Died 13 Sep 2019
Age36 years, 4 months
Causeglioblastoma multiforme

About Magdalen Berns

Magdalen Berns (6 May 1983 – 13 September 2019) was a British YouTuber, boxer and software developer. Berns, a lesbian radical feminist, came to prominence as a result of a series of YouTube vlogs focusing on lesbian politics, free speech, and gender identity. Berns's views attracted controversy, with some commenters calling them anti-trans. She also co-founded the group ForWomen.Scot, which opposes proposed changes to the Gender Recognition Act.


In April 2017, Berns informed her YouTube subscribers that she had been diagnosed with a brain tumor that was affecting her left frontal lobe. In July, she announced that she had an astrocytoma that could not be completely removed surgically. She was diagnosed with glioblastoma in October 2018. Irish comedy writer Graham Linehan, a critic of the transactivism, voiced vocal support for Berns on Twitter and other platforms, and visited her in palliative care. She was also visited by fellow radical feminist activists Julie Bindel and sex trafficking survivor Rachel Moran.

Berns died from glioblastoma on 13 September 2019, in Edinburgh. Her death was noted by two members of the Scottish Parliament: Joan McAlpine MSP described her as a "clever and uncompromising" young woman, while Ruth Maguire MSP described her as a "courageous young feminist, who inspired others".