Is Martha Ansara Living or Dead?

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Is Documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, screenwriter Martha Ansara dead? Or ... still alive?

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Martha Ansara

Documentary filmmaker, cinematographer, screenwriter

Martha Ansara is ...


Born 9 September 1942 in United States of America
Age 80 years, 9 months

Sex or gender female
Country of citizenship Australia
Child Alice Ansara
Occupation screenwriter, film director, film producer and cinematographer
Educated at Australian Film Television and Radio School and University of Technology Sydney

About Martha Ansara

Martha Ansara is a trailblazing filmmaker, cinematographer, and screenwriter who has made a significant impact on the Australian film industry. Born on September 9, 1942, Ansara has spent her career documenting the lives of marginalized communities and exploring themes of social justice.

Ansara began her career as a documentary filmmaker in the 1960s, working on a range of projects that focused on issues such as Indigenous rights, feminism, and the environment. Her work often challenged the status quo and provided a voice for those who were often ignored by mainstream media.

One of Ansara's most notable films is "Blackfire," a documentary that explores the lives of Indigenous Australians living in the Northern Territory. The film was groundbreaking in its depiction of Indigenous culture and was widely praised for its sensitive portrayal of the community.

Ansara's work as a cinematographer is also highly regarded, with her credits including the critically acclaimed film "My Survival as an Aboriginal" and the award-winning documentary "A Changing Race."

Throughout her career, Ansara has been a vocal advocate for women in the film industry and has worked tirelessly to promote diversity and inclusion. Her work has been recognized with numerous awards, including the Order of Australia Medal in 2019.

Ansara's legacy as a filmmaker and activist continues to inspire a new generation of filmmakers, and her contributions to the Australian film industry are immeasurable.


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