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Martin Amis

British novelist (1949–2023)

Martin Amis is ...


Born 25 August 1949 in Swansea and Oxford
Died 19 May 2023 in Lake Worth Beach
Age 73 years, 9 months
Cause esophageal cancer

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship United Kingdom
Manner of death natural causes
Father Kingsley Amis
Mother Hilary Bardwell
Sibling Philip Amis and Sally Amis
Spouse Antonia Phillips and Isabel Fonseca
Child Delilah Roberta Seale, Louis Amis, Jacob Amis, Fernanda Amis and Clio Amis
Occupation novelist, science fiction writer, short story writer, university teacher, memoirist, writer, screenwriter, journalist, essayist, literary critic and film screenwriter
Nominated for Booker Prize and Booker Prize
Notable work The Rachel Papers, The Zone of Interest, Lionel Asbo: State of England, The Pregnant Widow, House of Meetings, Koba the Dread, Yellow Dog, Heavy Water and Other Stories, The Information, Other People, Dead Babies and The Information
Awards James Tait Black Memorial Prize, Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature, Somerset Maugham Award and Best of Young British Novelists
Member of Royal Society of Literature and American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Educated at Exeter College, Westminster School, Bishop Gore, Hills Road Sixth Form College and Cambridgeshire High School for Boys
Medical condition esophageal cancer
Field of work literary activity, literary criticism, essay, film screenwriting, journalism and creative writing

About Martin Amis

Martin Amis: The Literary Maverick

Martin Amis, born on August 25, 1949, in Swansea, Wales, is one of the most celebrated British novelists of his generation. He is known for his sharp wit, dark humor, and unflinching exploration of the human condition. Amis has published over 20 books, including novels, memoirs, and collections of essays.

Amis's father, Kingsley Amis, was also a renowned novelist, and his mother, Hilly Bardwell, was an editor and literary agent. Growing up in a literary household, Amis developed a love for books and writing at an early age. He attended Oxford University, where he studied English literature and wrote his first novel, The Rachel Papers, which was published in 1973 to critical acclaim.

Amis's early novels, including Dead Babies and Success, were controversial for their graphic depictions of sex, violence, and drug use. He became known as a literary enfant terrible, and his work was often compared to that of his friend and fellow writer, Ian McEwan.

In the 1980s, Amis's writing took a more introspective turn, as he explored themes of mortality, love, and loss. His novel, Money, was a satirical take on the excesses of the 1980s, and is considered one of his masterpieces. Other notable works from this period include London Fields and The Information.

Amis's personal life has been as colorful as his writing. He has been married twice, and has four children. He has also been a controversial figure in the literary world, with his outspoken views on politics, religion, and culture often causing controversy.

Despite the controversies, Amis's work has been widely praised for its intelligence, wit, and insight into the human condition. He has won numerous awards, including the Somerset Maugham Award, the James Tait Black Memorial Prize, and the Booker Prize.

Today, Amis continues to write and publish, and remains one of the most important voices in contemporary literature. His latest novel, Inside Story, was published in 2020 to critical acclaim.


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About Death

Amis died from oesophageal cancer at his home in Lake Worth, Florida, on 19 May 2023. Like his father, he died at the age of 73. Amis was a lifelong smoker, as was his friend Christopher Hitchens, who died due to complications from the same form of cancer.

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