Is Oliver Onions Living or Dead?

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Is English writer Oliver Onions dead? Or ... still alive?

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Oliver Onions

English writer

Oliver Onions is ...


Born 13 November 1873 in Bradford
Died 9 April 1961 in Aberystwyth
Age 87 years, 5 months

Sex or gender male
Country of citizenship United Kingdom
Spouse Berta Ruck
Occupation author, writer and science fiction writer
Awards James Tait Black Memorial Prize

About Oliver Onions

George Oliver Onions (13 November 1873 – 9 April 1961), who published under the name Oliver Onions, was a British writer of short stories and over 40 novels. He wrote in a variety of genres but is perhaps best remembered for his ghost stories, notably the highly regarded collection Widdershins and the widely anthologized novella "The Beckoning Fair One". He was married to the novelist Berta Ruck.

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