Is Oscar Levant Living or Dead?

Has American comedian, composer, pianist and actor Oscar Levant died? Or is he still alive?

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American comedian, composer, pianist and actor

Oscar Levant is ...

Born 27 Dec 1906 in Pittsburgh
Died 14 Aug 1972 in Beverly Hills
Age65 years, 7 months
Causemyocardial infarction
Oscar Levant
Oscar Levant
Crypt of Oscar Levant at Westwood Memorial Park.

About Oscar Levant

Oscar Levant (December 27, 1906 – August 14, 1972) was an American pianist, composer, author, comedian, and actor. He was as famous for his mordant character and witticisms, on the radio and in movies and television, as for his music.


A lifelong heavy smoker, Levant died in Beverly Hills, California, of a heart attack in 1972 at age 65. His death was discovered by his wife June when she called him from their bedroom to meet for an interview with Candice Bergen, a photojournalist at the time. He is interred in the Westwood Village Memorial Park Cemetery in Los Angeles. In citing an old joke, comics tell an apocryphal story about Levant: that his epitaph reads, "I told them I was ill."